How to Make Your Own Yoto Cards

How to Make Your Own Yoto Cards

We are so excited to hear that the Yoto Minis are back in stock! This is such a great way for kids to listen to audiobooks on a screen-free and kid-friendly device!

Did you know that our audiobooks are easy to upload to Yoto? You can find a tutorial for that here.

How to Make Your Own Yoto Cards

1) Buy some Make Your Own cards from Yoto. You can find a pack of 5 on Amazon here.

2) Order these 2x3" Peel and Stick Card Holders from Amazon. Carefully remove and stick them onto your MYO card. The stickers will be slightly larger than the card, but make sure that extra sticks out on the pocket side. Trim the excess plastic and around the corners, if needed.

3) Download our free Yoto card covers and arrange on a Pages document or in Canva. Then print in color on cardstock. We recommend using a paper cutter to cut them out.

4) Slide the cut out Yoto covers into the pockets when you're ready to load your MYO card! Then remove when you're ready to swap out the audiobook.



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