What is Part II?  
Many don't know that John Bunyan actually wrote a second part of Pilgrim's Progress six years after he published the first part. In the first book, Christian's family was left behind in the City of Destruction. Many wondered happened to them. Some even started to write and publish their own versions of the story. Bunyan had been released from jail at this point, and felt compelled to continue the story. He published Part II in 1684.

Little Pilgrim's Big Journey Part II is a faithful adaptation of Christiana's story. It features many new characters, situations, and timeless lessons that point children (and parents!) to the hope found in Christ alone.

Can I order an empty box case?
Unfortunately, we weren't able to order empty box set cases as the cost to ship from the printer was too high. Maybe one day!

Do you ship internationally?
We are still looking into affordable international shipping rates. Please contact us for a shipping quote!

Do you offer wholesale?
Yes! If you would like to make an order of more than 16 books for your church, organization, or class, send us a message at: info@lithoskids.com. We can provide you with a generous wholesale discount. Shipping is free within the US & Canada.

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