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Free Holy Week & Easter Guide PDF

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This Holy Week and Easter guide, designed to begin on Palm Sunday (March 24th), has enough readings to carry you through April 1st. Of course, you can read through it at your own pace. We have put together this guide to use alongside The Kingdom of God Bible Storybook: New Testament.
Each reading includes discussion questions, a memory verse, a hymn, and a closing prayer. We’ve also included some coloring pages to accompany the daily readings. We hope this helps guide your family through the Holy Week.
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*In the PDF, the Bible reference for Day 1 & 2 should be Isaiah 5:6, not Isaiah 56:3.
**Please note that on Day 2, we read about a sinful woman anointing Jesus' feet. While this is a different account than what is usually read on the second day of Holy Week, it is a powerful reminder of how we should respond to the forgiveness that Jesus alone can provide for sinners.
***We do not have a coloring page available for every day.
****For those who would like to listen to the audiobook, there are no time stamps included in the PDF. Please follow the table below:
New Testament Audiobook Time Stamps:
Day 1 Reading: Chapter 7, pp 88-89 OR Track #8 0:00-0:54
Day 2 Reading: Chapter 4, pp 52-53 OR Track #5 1:58-3:16
Day 3 Reading: Chapter 6, pp 84-85 OR Track #7 3:11-3:57
Day 4 Reading: Chapter 5, pp 68-71 OR Track #6 2:31-4:30
Day 5 Reading: Chapter 7, pp 90-97 OR Track #8 0:55-3:56
Day 6 Reading: Chapter 8, pp 100-109 OR Track #9 0:00-3:44
Day 7 Reading: Chapter 9, pp 112-113 OR Track #10 0:00-0:47
Day 8 Reading: Chapter 9, pp 114-117 OR Track #10 0:48-2:12
Day 9 Reading: Chapter 9, pp 118-120 OR Track #10 2:12-3:41

Free Yoto Card files + Album Covers

For those who are looking for album covers to add to your MP3 player, or who would like to print Yoto Card stickers for your MYO Cards, you can download files for each of our books in the Google Drive Folder below. Happy listening!

Download Yoto Card Files


Free Easter Coloring Pages

Click the link below to download a free four-page PDF with coloring pages from The Kingdom of God Bible Storybook, New Testament.


Download Free Easter Coloring Pages