Kingdom of God F. A. Q.

Q: What makes this storybook Bible different from others?

A: Many children's Bibles jump from story to story and can feel oversimplified. Focusing on the theme of the kingdom of God allowed this book to have a unified storyline that we believe will help children dig deeper into biblical truths.

Q: What age range is it aimed towards?

A: Short answer: Our target age is 4-12.

Long Answer: Our goal is always to write books that can appeal to young and old. The hundreds of vivid illustrations help younger children stay engaged, while the depth and clarity can benefit older children... and hopefully many parents!

Q: Does it cover Old Testament and New Testament?

A: It does! There are 412 OT pages, and 204 NT pages with 45 chapters total. We took a chronological approach and tried to keep a strong sense of flow between chapters.

Q: Why did you focus on the Kingdom theme?

A: Many solid pastors and theologians believe the Kingdom of God is the central theme of the Bible. I felt that having a unifying theme would help teach children biblical-theology from an early age.

Q: What do you want children to learn from it?

A: Aside from a better understanding of God's Kingdom, I want children to see how God's covenants are really the glue that holds the whole story of redemption together.

Q: Did you emphasize a specific theological view?

A: I didn't intentionally insert a theological view, and hope this book will serve people from different viewpoints. My goal was to let the Bible speak for itself and to be faithful to the author's intent.

Q: How much is quoted directly from Scripture?

A: I'd say 70% is paraphrased from the Bible and 30% is direct Scripture quotations. Every chapter was written by pasting key sections of  the Bible into a document and then working from there.

Q: What was the hardest part of writing this book?

Trying to communicate these beautiful truths with depth and clarity while keeping the story engaging for younger children.

Q: Do you include less 'popular' Bible stories?

A: There are chapters dedicated to Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and even a full chapter on Zechariah. We also included sections of the Bible that are often glossed over, like the divide of Israel and the exile to Babylon. And two full chapters on Revelation!

Q: Will there be discussion questions?

Lots of them! Each of the 45 chapters ends with a full summary page that includes questions, gospel glimpses, and a prayer. Each chapter begins with multiple Bible references and a simplified Bible timeline.

Have any other questions? Feel free to reach out to us via e-mail or social media.