The Parables of Jesus

Short Stories, Timeless Truths

Written with ages 4 to 12 in mind, The Parables of Jesus aims to lead families deeper into the heart of Jesus' teaching in this beautiful 180 page illustrated book.

Covering well-known parables like the Good Samaritan and lesser-known tales like The Dishonest Manager, these short stories provide an engaging way for children to learn surprising truths about Jesus and his coming kingdom. 

The Parables of Jesus


  • Brett McCracken

    "This is a book every Christian parent will want to have on their family's bookshelf.


    Vibrantly illustrated, clearly written, The Parables of Jesus will help young kids better understand and remember Jesus’s teachings about the kingdom of God.

    Whether for bedtime lap reading or mealtime devotionals, make this book a staple of your family’s reading life."

  • Dr. David S. Dockery

    The Parables of Jesus is a thoughtfully designed, well crafted, and illuminatingly illustrated retelling of 26 parables that were told by Jesus in the Gospels. Written with children in mind, the book will be helpful for all family members to think deeply about the meaning of Jesus' kingdom teaching for today. Each section of the book concludes with reflective summaries and engaging and applicable questions. I am delighted to recommend this beautifully bound book, which will make a great gift for special occasions. I plan to purchase copies for my grandchildren and strongly urge others to do the same.”

  • Scott James

    “This book is a joyful invitation to sit and listen to the greatest storyteller of all time—Jesus Christ. In these faithful and engaging retellings of The Parables of Jesus, Tyler Van Halteren and the team at Lithos Kids have given families a wonderful gift. May we all have ears to hear!”

Frequently Asked Questions

When will "The Parables of Jesus" ship?

The Parables of Jesus is already at our US warehouse. Orders in the US will start shipping on January 17, 2024. Due to large order volumes, it may take up to a week for orders to be fulfilled.

The books are en route to our Canadian warehouse and should start shipping next week. You can order from our Canadian website here.

You can find our shipping and fulfillment times here.

How long will the launch promo run?

The promo for "The Parables of Jesus" will run from January 17th - 31st.

The promo code will expire on January 31st at 11:59 PM EST.

When will I receive my free eBook and audiobook?

Those who order a copy of The Parables of Jesus during our promo (1/17-1/31) will receive a free ebook and audiobook of The Parables of Jesus!

We will email out the codes to download the eBook and audiobook on February 1st. These codes will expire, so be sure to download the eBook right away!

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When will the audiobook of The Parables of Jesus be available?

The audiobook should be available February 1st!

Everyone who orders The Parables of Jesus during our promo, will receive a code on February 1st to download the audiobook for free!

Will the audiobook be a Read Along version?

Yes, the audiobook of The Parables of Jesus will be in the Read Along format similar to the Little Pilgrim's Big Journey audiobooks.

Does this book have pictures of Jesus?

Yes, there are illustrations of Jesus in The Parables of Jesus. Jesus shows up on 21 pages out of 179. These illustrations are spread throughout the book, usually showing his interactions with the crowd or the Pharisees.

For more information about our convictions on this, read here.

What ages is this book recommended for?

Written with ages 4 to 12 in mind, The Parables of Jesus aims to lead families deeper into the heart of Jesus' teaching in this beautiful 180 page illustrated book.

Are these parables included in your New Testament?

No, The Parables of Jesus is a separate volume, will all new content, that covers 26 of Jesus' parables.

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